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Staycation Postcards, 6 Pack


Now more than ever, we are staying home, postponing vacations, and reconnecting with old friends. Give your loved ones a treat by dropping a nice note through snail mail. This 6 Pack contains 2 of each postcard.

6" x 4" Postcards, 6 Pack

Covid Pins, 4 Pack


Social distancing is hard. Let people know they're getting a little too close with these helpful pins.

Anagram Shop Shirt


The shape-shifting anagram shop shirt. Typeset in Highway Gothic, and individually screenprinted with a light hit of black ink on super-soft white tees. Collect all 7! (Printed to order, please allow an extra five days for shipping.)


2020 Linear Calendar

$15 Spring Sale (was $25)

The Linear Calendar is a beautifully minimal yet practical calendar design particularly suited to project planning while seeing the entire year at a glance. Organized as a series of complete linear months, the unbroken structure of weeks and weekends is useful for planning and seeing deadlines, travel, important events, and holidays over the year.

The 2020 Linear Calendar is "hand" drawn by a robotic pen plotter in black and red ink on warm off-white French paper.

24" x 18," Limited Edition of 100.

Bodega Tote


Baggu White Tote

25.5" x 15.5" x 6"

100% ripstop nylon.

Machine washable.