Bison Bone

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Album Art


Denver, CO

Denver Americana outfit Bison Bone came to us to design the packaging for their third album Find Your Way Out  in mid-2020  

We wanted the cover imagery to be a non-sequitur – something that felt unexplained to allow listeners to crafter their own narrative around the photo and how it relates to the album's title and themes.  

Lead singer and songwriter Courtney Whitehead did some digging for us and found a snapshot from his childhood that perfectly embodied the concept, while still being very personal and heartfelt. 


  • Packaging Design
  • Typography
BB Vinyl Mock Up2
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Streaming everywhere now – buy the vinyl on BandCamp.

BB Studio Nikki Rae 3704

Photo by: Nikki A. Rae


  • Art Direction & Design

    Adam Blake

  • Photography

    Nikki A. Rae


Thanks to Courtney and the boys for letting us be involved in the making of this album and to Nikki A. Rae for the amazing studio photos.