Jamie Drake

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Album Art


Los Angeles

Jamie Drake released her achingly beautiful debut album, Everything's Fine, in late 2019. As the world fell apart in 2020, the album gained new resonance — at once timely and timeless.

We collaborated with artist Kristen Meyer to create an elaborate found-object collage atop a striking portrait by photographer Kathryna Hancock.


  • Graphic Design
  • Creative Direction

Jamie's music is earthy yet enchanted; timely and timeless.

JD Phone Blue

We envisioned Jamie as a sort of "Mystical Mary Poppins"


The vinyl gatefold unfolds vertically; the intricate beauty of the cover falls to pieces around her feet on the back.

JD Full Album

Before the album release, we created two black and white single covers teasing the shock of orange life to come.

We worked with the transcendent (not to mention meticulous) artist Kristen Meyer to create the collage. Watch her at work below:

Finally, we made this bizarre music video for her first single, Redwood Tree:

JD End Portrait

Listen now on JamieDrakeMusic.com


  • Creative Direction

    Marke Johnson

  • Photo Collages

    Kristen Meyer

  • Design & Layout

    Marke Johnson & Kyle Huninghake

  • Production Management

    Kim Johnson

  • Portrait Photography

    Kathryna Hancock


First and foremost, thank you to Kristen Meyer for the incredible collaboration. And special thanks to Amy Reitnour-Jacobs for spearheading the project and bringing such a wonderful team together. And, of course, to Jamie for creating such a beautiful, timely, and timeless piece of art.