Minky Featured Image




Denver, CO

Every year, the innovative art gallery Foreign Form hosts an exhibition in partnership with Blamo to have artists and designers reimagine and transform their iconic "Minky" sculpture.

In 2020, the Made Shop created this piece for the exhibition in Denver.


  • Creative Direction
  • Sculpture

The exhibition starts with all the designers receiving a "naked" Minky sculpture:

Minky 01 lrg 2000x

There are no rules.

The first thing we did was name our new friend...

Minky above

"Cosmic Minky"

Minky close 2

We used an experimental ultra-black carbon nanotube paint that absorbs 99.99% of all light.

Minky dead above

All contours disappear into pure, flat shadow.

Minky face

We punctuated this black void with a constellation of tiny brass "stars."

Minky back detail

In the flat emptiness, a chaotic order asserts itself.

Minky dead on
Minky two 2

And, in the end, we're all just stardust.

Minky feet


  • Concept

    Marke Johnson

    Adam Blake

    Kyle Huninghake

    Michelle Merlin

    Kimberly Johnson

  • Sculpture & Photography

    Marke Johnson


Thank you so much to Foreign Form and Blamo for the invitation to participate in this wonderful exhibition.