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Branding & Packaging


Atlanta, GA

Odd McClean is an idiosyncratic boutique in Atlanta, Georgia. The unique gift store carves out a niche for quirky, high-end gifts and needed a visual identity to match.

We created a brand that feels both expensive and quite odd at once. The result takes inspiration from haute couture elegance, but is subverted with an unexpected mascot, topsy turvy typography, and a bright, clashy palette.

In the end we created something very odd, indeed.


  • Visual Identity
  • Illustration
  • Typography
  • Copywriting
  • Packaging Design
  • Signage & Wayfinding
  • Photography & Video
ODD Logo Orange
Odd Ostrich Stand

Contrary to popular belief, ostriches don't bury their heads in the sand...

Odd Ostrich headpop animation margin

They bury their eggs. They're not hiding; they're just hunting for something special...

Odd 02

We created a custom typeface with topsy turvy egg-shaped counters

Stacked hero animation odd correct 2
Odd sign
Odd Portfolio 03
Odd Portfolio
ODD 1 01
Odd Portfolio 09
Well thats odd

We directed an odd photoshoot of curated gift collections

Odd Portfolio 06
Comp 1
Odd Hangtag
Odd Portfolio 05
Odd Portfoliolllll 11a
Odd Portfolio 01
ODD Stickers Mailers
Odd Portfolio 08
Odd Tissue B Cs Mock 3
Comp 1
Odd Portfolio 02
Odd Portfolio 10
ODD layout 05

Swing by the next time you're in Atlanta, or stop by oddmclean.com

Odd Ostrich sand


  • Creative Direction

    Marke Johnson

  • Illustration & Design

    Michelle Merlin

  • Custom Typography

    Marke Johnson

  • Project Management & Production

    Kimberly Johnson

  • Art Direction & Photography

    Davis Scruggs

  • Web Design & Development

    Adam Blake & Davis Scruggs


A big thank you to the Gift Queen herself, Kwynn Everest, for coming to us with this delightful project, and for trusting us to make something truly odd. Thank you!