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Denver, CO

Colorado's first legal distillery since prohibition, Stranahan's Whiskey has been crafting the No. 1 American Single Malt Whiskey in their downtown Denver distillery since 2004.

The Made Shop had long been admirers of the whiskey before we were asked to join the team and reimagine the brand. Over the span of 7 years now we have transformed every piece of the visual identity, packaging, merchandise, and marketing. Along the journey, we helped redesign the distillery tour and tastings, created an elaborate coffee table book, and oversaw the design and release of two new whiskeys: Diamond Peak and Snowflake.


  • Logo & Visual Identity
  • Web Design & Development
  • Illustration & Art
  • Print Collateral
  • Marketing
  • Interior Design
  • Signage & Wayfinding
  • Packaging Design
  • Merchandise

A new mark

Stranahans Logo

for an old favorite


Photo by: The Media Grind

The yellow 'sash' was already iconic when we started our work. We immediately decided to keep the distinctive color and shape as we began redesigning the brand and bottle.

Exploded Bottle
Stran Bottleheros Original
Stran Labelmacro Dsc02193 Small
Stran Bottlingline

Each label is handwritten and lovingly applied (at just the right angle) by eager volunteers who join the crew for weekend bottling parties.

Robhandsigninglabels Img 649
Stran Bottling1
Stran Boxes1 B

Reimagining the Distillery

Stran Neon Sign1

Soon after redesigning the brand and bottle, we set our sights on transforming the distillery from a utilitarian factory into a new destination for tours and tastings.

Stran Distillerysignage L1009097 B
Stran Tunboilsignage
Stran Distillery Rackhouseexteriorcrowd 3

Photo by: The Media Grind

Stran Barrels1

Stranahan's demand and growth exploded: Distribution had been confined to Colorado, but quickly expanded nationwide.

To meet the rush of interest, we expanded our creative direction and design to all parts of the experience.

Stran Misc Merch1
Stran Whiskeywheel Only
Stran Processposter
Stran Billboard2
Stran Ooh1
Stran Distillery Collateral
Stan Airstreammerch B

Photo by: The Media Grind

Stran Mediagrind Rodeochaps

Two new siblings join the stable: Diamond Peak & Snowflake

Stran Mediagrind Bottlelineup1

Photo by: Media Grind

We created an exquisite black label for Stranahan's Diamond Peak: A striking single malt hand crafted in small batches from the most distinct casks.

Stran Bottleheros Diamondpeak
Stran Dp Merch
Stran Robdp C

Photo by: The Media Grind

Stran Diamondpeak Flyfish 20160818 B0001987

Photo by: The Media Grind

Snowflake, Stranahan's rarest release, is wrapped with a silver winter sash. As in nature, no two Snowflakes are alike.

Stran Bottleheros Snowflake
Stran Snowflake2 L1009343
Stran Snowlfaketix L1008708

Photo by: The Media Grind

Zealous fans grab silver tickets and camp out at the distillery once a year on the single winter's day when Snowflake is released.

Stran Snowflake Collateral

Despite the rarity of the release, diehard fans find camaraderie rather than competition in line together.

Stran Snowflake Line
Stran Snowflake2014
Stran Snowflake3 L1009247
Stran Snowflake1 159064568

Photo by: The Media Grind

Stran Snowflakesoldout L1009332 B

Well Built: The Book

Stran Booktitle

To celebrate the 10th anniversary, we created a collectible coffee-table book to tell the complete Stranahan's story.

Stran Bookbox
Stran Booksketches
Stran Bookspread1

Cask Thief

Stran Caskthiefpromo

Cask Thief is Stranahan's annual celebration of the rarest barrels. Guests are invited to steal a taste directly from six unique casks — the rare, the misplaced, and the forgotten — each pulled from the depths of the rack-house for the first time.

Stran Caskethiefnotebook
Stran Caskthief

Photo by: Media Grind

Stran Caskthief Collateral
Stran Mediagrind Robthief

Photo by: The Media Grind

Stran Mediagrind Distillery

Photo by: The Media Grind

Find yourself a bottle

Stran Muddyfeetbottle


  • Creative Direction

    Adam Blake & Marke Johnson

  • Art Direction

    Adam Blake & Nathan Johnson

  • Interior Design

    Marke Johnson

  • Design

    Marke Johnson, Adam Blake, Kyle Huninghake

  • Illustration

    Zachary Johnson

  • Photography

    Amber Chiarelli & The Media Grind


We've been warmly welcomed into the Stranahan's family over the last seven years — perhaps the longest we've ever shepherded a single brand — and have become thankful friends with a wonderful team who make this beautiful liquid. In particular we'd like to thank Master Distiller Rob Dietrich, Peter Maca, Kristin Forsch, Keegan Gianoni, Olivia Yacoub, Elwyn Gladstone, Kensey Davis, and Dylan Beyer.