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Denver, CO

Inspired by clandestine drinking dens of swank hotels and the parlors of bawdy houses of ill-repute, B&GC pays homage to a heyday of Americana made iconic in the 1940’s-1960’s post-war economic boom.

We helped craft the story of this peculiar watering hole through visual identity, signage, one-of-a-kind menus, and an innovative founding members invitation.


  • Naming & Branding
  • Logo & Visual Identity
  • Print & Collateral
  • Web Design & Development
  • Illustration & Art
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Photo by: Danielle Webster

B&GC is an unexpected underground drinking den — discovered with a phone number, a text confirmation, and an unmarked alley doorbell.

Bgc Site
Bgc Bgc Textinterface R2
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Photo by: Danielle Webster

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Bgc 2Up Drinks

Photo by: Danielle Webster

We imagined the menu as a playful twist on atomic-age America, preserved in a one-of-a-kind glossy magazine.

Bgc Menu Layout 06a
Bgc Collateral Menu 46

The magazine-menu has 28 pages, and the cover changes every season.

Bgc Menu Detail 01
Bgc Menu Detail 06

We scavenged through antique magazines, deconstructing and recontextualizing them.

Here's a little peek into the collage design process:

Bgc Daniellewebster 303Magazine Gbc 16

Photo by: Danielle Webster

B&GC feels like you've accidentally happened upon an undiscovered subterranean shelter from the atomic age: A transporting time capsule.

Bgc Marks

To fill this world, we created an entire menagerie of artifacts: tie bars, pens, key cards, coasters, dog tags, check presenters, off-menu cocktail diaries, and more...

Bgc Bgc Pens R1
Bgc Collateral Menu 11
Bgc Bgc Cards R2
Bgc Collateral Menu 14
Bgc 2Up Touchpoints
Bgc Tie Clip
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Photo by: Danielle Webster

Marketing was essentially nonexistent: Instead we created an elaborate invitation sent out to select "founding members."

Membership Package Sequence 02
Bgc Membership Package Detail 04
Bgc Membership Package Detail 12

Founding members received a personalized aviation dog tag... complete with the Club's "Rules of Engagement"

Bgc Membership Package Detail 11
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Photo by: Danielle Webster

Ok, but what does "B&GC" mean?

To this day there's still debate and rumors about the true name. Some of our favorite theories are the "Bottles & Glass Club" and — even better — the "Boys & Girls Club." But far be it from us to take the fun out of a good mystery by revealing the truth here. ;)

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Text for Reservations 720.925.8598


  • Creative Direction

    Marke Johnson

  • Art Direction & Design

    Marke Johnson & Adam Blake

  • Collages

    Marke Johnson, Kim Johnson, Adam Blake, Amber Chiarelli, Inbal Sella, Kyle Huninghake

  • Photography

    Amber Chiarelli

    Danielle Webster, thanks to 303 Magazine


Special thanks to Peter Karpinski, Stephanie Ehrler, Brandon Wise, and the Sage Restaurant Group team. Concept developed in collaboration with Sage Restaurant Group.