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Food and Beverage


Denver, CO

ToMarket is a virtual farmer's market, connecting food purveyors to chefs and consumers. It offers a direct line for both parties to place orders and build stronger connections.

We worked closely with David "Moose" Moosman and his team, to create a brand system that speaks to farmers, chefs, and consumers.


  • Logo & Visual Identity
  • Taxonomy Design
TM Logo Main 2

ToMarket is a virtual farmers' market that connects chefs and consumers to high quality food purveyors.

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The inner workings of this brand were influenced by antique farming equipment and signage.

TM Brand Icons
TM Stock Wagon Jon Sailer

Photo by: Jon Sailer

TM Engraved Wood Mock Up
TM Business Cards

Being a primarily virtual marketplace, the brand needed to function on multiple digital platforms.

TM Web Browser Mock Home
TM Website Phone
TM Web Browser Mock Food

In conjunction with their new app development, we designed a comprehensive set of food and beverage taxonomy icons.

TM Taxonomy Icons Light 2

These icons will be used throughout to help people find and add quality food to their orders.

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Photo by: Thomas Gamstaetter

This also included a set of web navigation icons.

TM Web Icons Green
TM Monogram Plums

Photo by: Milkovi


  • Creative Direction

    Marke Johnson

  • Design

    Adam Blake

  • Icon Design

    Michelle Merlin


Special thanks to David "Moose" Moosman and his team, for running a necessary platform that connects fresh food to our local communities, and for trusting us and working with us to build this brand.