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Photo by: James Baigrie


Restaurant & Bar


El Paso, TX

Visitors to the Plaza Pioneer Park will find two opportunities for drinks and fine dining: Ámbar and La Perla. Located on the lobby level and rooftop, respectively, they both draw from El Paso's heritage as a culinary and cultural crossroads.

For each we helped create a distinct voice, tapping into different chapters in the Plaza's storied past.


  • Naming & Branding
  • Logo & Visual Identity
  • Print Collateral
  • Signage & Wayfinding
Ambar logo square

Ámbar is a dark, earthy steakhouse with open wood grills and dishes mixing centuries-old-ingredients with modern presentation.

Ambar photography bonemarrow square

Photo by: Armando Rafael

Searching for the spirit of Ámbar, we found a fitting inspiration in the building's founder—Conrad Hilton.

Ambar conradhilton photograph harry pot whitebg2

Photo by: Harry Pot

Polished and exacting in his professional life, "Connie" Hilton also had a gregarious side. He was a workaholic who was also fond of dancing. For the brand identity we wanted to explore this tension.

For the logo mark we wanted something mature and confident, with a bizarre twist.

Ambar bizcards
Ambar stamp 1

We combined minimal typography with a single elongated character, all set in a warm monochromatic palette.

Ambar menucontext
Ambar photography cocktail unsplash jakub dziubak

Photo by: Jakub Dziubak

The name itself—Spanish for "amber"—evokes the glow of the space, complete with a three story tequila tower.

Ambar photography bar jamesbaigrie

Photo by: James Baigrie

Fittingly, amber is also the resin notable for preserving treasured artifacts. We had fun with this metaphor.

Ambar signage resinartifact nighttime
Ambar stamp artifact

The bar book we clad in black tooled leather, with our logo floating in the middle. The letters are translucent windows peaking into the interior pages.

Ambar barbook v2 animation

The geometries within the logo provided us some interesting negative space in and around each letter. We multiplied these shapes into an intricate kaleidoscopic pattern.

Ambar posters2
Ambar delipapertshirt

Photo by: Henri Meilhac

Ambar cocktail photography ambar twitter
Ambar hattote

Call 915.440.0051 for reservations the next time you're in El Paso.


Ambar photography diningarea jamesbaigrie

Photo by: James Baigrie


  • Creative Direction

    Marke Johnson
    Adam Blake

  • Art Direction

    Adam Blake

  • Design

    Kyle Huninghake
    Adam Blake
    Marke Johnson

  • Project Manager

    Kim Johnson

  • Architecture & Interior Design

    Johnson Studio


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