Double Dealer

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Cocktail Bar


New Orleans

Double Dealer is a subterranean cocktail bar, hidden below New Orlean’s historic Orpheum Theater. The interior design is filled with theatrical misdirection and cinematic delights that present themselves as guests move throughout the space. Being one of very few underground establishments in New Orleans, we created a visual identity system  that plays heavily in themes of mystery and surprise.


  • Branding
  • Logo & Visual Identity
  • Print Collateral
  • Signage & Wayfinding
  • Interior Art
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DD Bar Feat copy2
Doubledealer tarot texture
Doubledealer Orpheum Restoration Eskew Dumez Ripple
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The Double Dealer is a glittering cocktail bar hidden underneath the Orpheum in New Orleans.

Doubledealer menu covers stack blue tall

A cryptic flashing neon face draws you into an underground vaudeville of secrets and illusions.

Doubledealer interiors infinity mirror michael palumbo
Doubledealer askthem cream texture sq

We styled the menus after the bar's namesake: an underground 1920s New Orleans literary journal.

Doubledealer process magazine covers
Doubledealer collateral menu covers backs fan
Doubledealer menu covers all grid
Doubledealer collateral menu inside spread group orange
DD FF Interiors Bar

Photo by: Farouki Farouki

We treated traditional collateral as opportunities for misdirection, chance, and surprise:

Doubledealer collateral die

A twenty-sided "Dealer's Choice" die is served with every menu...

Doubledealer collateral group

...and the ordinary coaster animates to eerie life when spun.

Doubledealer coin coaster animation sm

Interior signage was inspired by artifacts you might uncover when exploring an old theater.

Doubledealer house rules mockup
Doubledealer signage wayfinding 2column
DD FF Interior Costume

Photo by: Farouki Farouki

Doubledealer business cards mockup

As a final detail we resurrected unused logo explorations as a series of "ex Libris" stamps and custom bathroom wallpaper.

Doubledealer collateral stamps pattern
Doubledealer interiors bathroom wallpaper mockup

Under the Orpheum 504.300.0212

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  • Creative Direction

    Marke Johnson
    Adam Blake

  • Design

    Michelle Merlin

    Adam Blake
    Kyle Huninghake

  • Illustration

    Michelle Merlin
    Adam Blake

  • Production & Project Management

    Kimberly Johnson

  • Architecture & Interior Design

    Farouki Farouki


A special thank you to Barrett, Tony, and Todd at ERG Enterprises.