Shovels & Rope – Manticore

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Album Art


Charleston, SC

The sixth album by Charleston's own Shovels & Rope is a snarling hybrid beast. To bring the creature to life we embraced the myth, the metal and the mayhem with some black magic and frankenstein-ed collage to give the Manticore the storied world it deserves. 


  • Packaging Design
  • Concept & Strategy
  • Creative Direction
  • Graphic Design
  • Illustration & Art
SR Manticore Cover Vinyl1
SR Gatefold Mock Inner
SR Gatefold Mock Back Vinyl
SR Manticore Cover Perspective2
SR Manticore Lettering
SR Manticore Shirt

To preview the album, we snuck in a peak of the creature using photocopied details of the collages to create the digital single artwork

Manticore has arrived wherever you listen. Meet the beast.

SR Manticore Label Macro


  • Creative Direction

    Marke Johnson & Adam Blake

  • Art Direction, Design & Collages

    Adam Blake

  • Illustration & Lettering

    Marke Johnson


Thank you to Mike & Cary Ann for taking this journey with us again and trusting us to bring the Manticore to life. It's always an honor. Thanks also Paul Bannister and Dualtone records for the help and support along the way.